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Here I tell about the diffrent characters



Weapon(s): Giant Boomerange
Lives: In the demon exterminators village
How she joined the gang: Shango was going to help exterminate a demon with her brother Kohaku and her fellow demon slayers along with her father. However it was a trap and her brother was possesed and killed them, only Sango survived. Then Naraku told her that Inuyasha had distroyed her village. So they got in a fight and Shango joined the group after hearing the truth.


Kagome Higurashi:
Weapons: Sacred Arrow, Spirt power, and SIT!!!
Lives: Tokyo,Japan Present Time
How She Met Inuyasha: Kagome was pulled into an ancent well known as the bone eaters well on the day of her 15th birthday. She some how went back in time to the fedial era of Japan. She was trin to find her way home when she saw the sacred tree and thought she had found the way home, but saw that a young boy(Inuyasha) was pinned to the tree. When Kagome was kidnapped by the villagers of Kyaeda's Village she is thought to be the reincarnation of a pristest named Kikyo. Soon the demon that had pulled her into the well shows up and attacks the village. Kagome runs to the forest she had been in when she came out of the well, Inuyasha's Forest. She calls out for help as the demon persues her and Inuyasha wakes from a 50 year sleep! Kagome and Inuyasha then meet for the first time althought it wasn't a good one. LOL


Age: About 5 to 7 years old I think
Weapons and Attacks: Fox Fire, Fox Magic( horse,stone statue, leaves, top, snake, bombs)
Lives: Did live in a mountain with his father
History: His father was killed by two brothers known as the Thunder Brothers because his father had sacred jewel shards. Shippo was tring to get jewel shards to become stonger so he could take his revenge and ended up meeting Inuyasha and Kagome. They helped Shippo defeat the Thunder Brothers. Shippo's most fond of Kagome and if Inuyasha is mean to him Kagome protects Shippo by yelling SIT BOY!
Kilala or Kirara:
Weapons and attacks:Enlarged size and biting
Lives:With Sango
Story:Kilala was givin to Sango by her father. where he came from is unknown to me. He has been with Sango most of Sango's life.




Weapon(s): Wind Tunnel, Staff, and Spell Scroles

History: Miroku's great grandfather had been cursed by Naraku when he put a hole in his left hand that all the generations after him would have a hole in their hand that could suck anything into the void and into a dark nothingness. He himself will eventually be sucked in if he doesn't distroy Naraku. He also has a history of being a pervert namly grabing girls butts and asking every pretty girl to bare his child he's even asked a 11 year old. He met Inuyasha and the gang when he was looking for the jewel.


Age: Over 100 years old, but looks 16
Weapons and Attacks: Blades of blood, Iron Revor Soul Stealer, Tetsaiga, Wind Scar, Backlash Wave, and demon form
History: Inuyasha is a half-demon because his mother was human and his father was a giant dog demon that controled alot of land! He also has an older brother named Sesshomaru who dispises him. The feelings are mutual cause Inuyasha hates him just as much. Inuyasha also hated being a half-demon so he went in search of a powerful wish granting jewel known as the Shikon no Tama or Sacred Jewel of the Four Souls, to grant him his wish to be a full fledged demon. In doing so he met the young prisest named Kikyo who gaurded the jewel. He ended up falling in love with Kikyo and was going to use the jewel to become a human so he and Kikyo could be together. But as Kikyo went to give the jewel to Inuyasha she was attacked by a half-demon named Naraku who had desgised himself as Inuyasha making Kikyo think she had ben betrayed. Naraku also fired an arrow at Inuyasha looking like Kikyo to make Inuyasha think he had been betrayed. In the once again want to be a demon Inuyasha went to a temple in Kyaeda's Village to get the jewel. While running with the jewel Kikyo used her last bit of stregth to pin Inuyasha to the Sacred Tree also putting him under a spell that had left him there pinned and motionless to the tree for 50 years. Kikyo died after she had pinned Inuyasha.