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Here's a chance for you to contribute.


This is the mail bag. This is where I will post all the ideas you have for the site, complaints, and any other email you send me. Ideas will be posted so that others may tell me if they also think that the idea would be a good addition to the site. Complaints will be posted so that others may tellme if they agree. If you don't want to be posted then don't email me you dope. If you merly don't want your name on the post (yes you must tell me you first name when you email me) then just reqeust that I put anonymus. Thank You I look forward to your emails.

Hello, good start on  a website. Here's some general things if you'd like...
Sango is spelled as 'Sango', and your navbar misspells questions.
At "Their Names", take a look at " just a bystandered their here." It should be 'they're" ^-^.
It seems that Kaede lost her eye on that day Naraku turned Kikyou and Inu against the other: Inu attacked the village for the Shikon,
so it does seem probable it was that day. When Kikyou nursed Onigumo on the caves, Kaede still did have both eyes.
Heh, maybe Shippou's dad's fur poofed off. It existed long enough to block the fire and did its job; that fox-fire and all. If li'l Shi carried it around...
I think he wears a bow 'cause it's cute. I'd be great to see him with his hair down for a change. Maybe his mom gave him that bow so it's precious to him.
Miroku could ride that bike because he.... is the particular gent he is.

But good start! It'll truly shine soon.
How much of the series have you watched? What Inuyasha fanfiction/fanart places do you love?
Ah well ^^;.
Have a good summer.

Peace out! ^_^V ~sakana-rin
Jessica-the changes requested in this email have been changed, any people who have read this please tell me what you think about Sakana-rin's idea's for the unanswerable qestions.