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Give me your opinions!

Like what you've read here? Hate what you've read here? Like Inuyasha as much as me? Please get in touch! You can e-mail me comments and complants here.

Just click this address to send me mail:

sorry for those who have been mailing me at this address i had it typed wrong, if you emailed me at this address please mail me again. thank you (sorry still trying to get used to this school laptop thing)

Only email me if you want to do any of these things

1. If you have an idea for the site

2 If you have a complaint about the site

3 To tell me what you think of the site

4 If there is something wrong and needs correcting (episode quide, character info, etc.)

or 5 to send my fan art of other pictures you would like posted on the site

email me to cuss me out, to dis inuyasha cause you think the show is dumb if you dont like the show go fuck off and stay off my site then if ya dont like inuyasha then wat in all the fucking fires of hell are you doing on my site?, to insult me as a person, to nag me about little tiny things such as spelling i dont have the time nor patence to correct grammar this is online i'm a teen i'm going to use chat lango, i know that in fan art i may fave a few in appropriate pictures dont email me to complain if you dont like them then dont fucking look at them some enjoy them!!!!

Thank You and have a nice day ^.^