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On this site you'll find all u need about mine and your fave 1/2 demon. You'll find photos, contests, episode summerys, and info on the rest of the gang.

 For those of u that don't know the story behind Inuyasha heres the plot her try to keep up.

Kagome Higerashe is a 15 year old girl who lives in Japan on her family  shrine. On her 15th birthday she is pulled into the bone eaters well on the shrine by a demon and ends up in the futal era of Japan. She finds that she is the reincarnation of a priestess and finds a magical jewel called the Shikon no tama in her body. She meets a half-demon called inuyasha and when kagome shaters the jewel she and inuyasha must gather the pieces which have scatered through out the world. With her ability to see the shards and inuyasha's brut strengh the two gather the peices and along the way make many friends and enemys.


Updates.... has been updated!! XD lol

Hey everyone!!! Looky looky who's back!!! Well I kinda stopped checking the site cause no one ever emailed me and I had little to update considering that the series is over in both america and in japan. BUT I was inspired to get back on my old site and try and add more to it for the few veiwers I have. What was the inspiration you ask? Why a Year and 5 day old email from a girl named Sonia who had emailed me asking me a question. I hadn't been on my email much back then and so the email must have got pialed over by other emails. So here I am back in action!! To all those who actually get on here, I have decided to make a forum for my site... I will try to have it up in a few days. So I leave with these parting words, Thank you Sonia for getting me back in my A game... ^.^ Sayanora.

Updated yet again!!- September 8 2008

Okay guys the forum is up and running!! You will notice the new page ^.^ Hope you all enjoy and can't wait to see you there. Buh byes.

Jessica Asks?

Hey site veiwers every once and a while im gonna put something here to let you know stuff that i think. For one im big on the whole communication/helping with the website thing, but no one emails me, please do cause there are some pages that are usless unless veiwers email me and i'll have to delete them as they are taking up space like the qoutes page or the mail bag or the FAQ. Second i would appriate it if people would sign the guest book so i know how many people are actually coming to my site. Thank you very much veiwers.