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Inuyasha Episodes Gallore

Here you can find the discriptons of diffrent episodes. Once a week their will be a new discription on the favorite episodes colloum the same with the discription of diffrent episodes shown at the bottom.

Please e-mail me giving your rating for both episodes on a scale of 1-10. Also please e-mail me your favorite episode it may show on the fave episode colloum.I am american so if the episode hasn't played in america please send a description. Please e-mail me also if there is an episode that you would like to know about or see posted in the below colloum.

"Farewell, My Beloved Kikyo"
Episode 124


Description: The confrontion of naraku in the mountain continues. Surprisingly Inuyasha saves Kouga. O.o?? I'm sorry if this description is bad it's been a while since i have seen this ep. But the baby incarnation of naraku is born and also to many kikyo lover's dismay kikyo is killed when she confronts Naraku after he has finished making his new body. Kikyo dies after being struck in her clay shoulder and falling into a river of miasma.

Please e-mail comments on this episode and your own user name.

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Favorite Episodes
Female Wolf-Demon & the Lunar Rainbow Promise

While Kouga countinues his journey to get revenge on Naraku for killing off his tribe he is attacked by a group of white wolves that are being led by a pretty female wolf demon named Ayame. When ask why she is attacking she claims she had come down from the mountains meaning it was time for Kouga to keep his end of the promise and marry her. Kouga runs off while telling Ayame that he never remembers making such a promise and that he is engaged to a girl named Kagome. Kouga goes off to an deserted castle which happens to be the one Naraku, Inuyasha, and Sesshoumaru were fighting at a few nights ago. Knowing Inuyasha had something to do with Naraku's sudden dissapperance he rushes off to find the half demon. That is when Ayame arrives to the castle and not only discovers Ginta and Hikkau who are running behind, but a monster who is somehow a piece of Naraku. Mean while Inuyasha gets angry as Kouga keeps attempting to flirt with Kagome, but it is interrupted when Ayame leds the monster right to them. The monster attacks Kagome, but luckily Kouga grabs her and runs off with her while Inuyasha pushes the monster off a cliff. Seeing that it is save to countinue on Ayame chases after Kouga and reminds him of the promise he made when she was little about getting married during the next rainbow moon. Kagome just gets angry at Kouga and yells at him for being so stupid to forget such an important event.