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Fan Type List

What type of fan are you?

Fanatic Inuyasha's Mine Fan - Your the type of fan who hates all girls who like Inuyasha cause you want him all to your self
Mega Fan - Your the kinda fan who loves everything about the show, never miss an episode, and will by anything that has to do with the show.
Fight Fan - Your the kinda fan who watch's the show souly for the fights
Character Fan - You watch the show souly to watch hot guys and or girls that are on the show.
Romance Fan - Your the kinda fan who only loves the romance and could care less about  the fighting you just like the drama
Wahooooooooo That Was A Good Episode Fan - Your the kinda fan that watches all episodes and after everyone wont shut up about it and like to replay  the episode in ur room as if u were one of the characters.
Love vs. Love Fan - You either hate kagome or hate kikyo cause you thik one or the other belongs with Inuyasha more then the other
Ha Ha Your a Noob Fan - You just started likeing the show and are way new on the details of the show
Complete Freak Fan - More or Less................your like me

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