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Unanswerable questions

I have no idea do u?
if you would like to please email an unanswerable question

If the shards are scattered throughout the world then how come Inuyasha and the gang are only searching in Japan

How did Inuyasha's dad get that tomb in his eye and if he was already dead who actually put it there

Does Hojo EVER give up(both with the medicen thing and with tring to get Kagome's attention)

Does Shippo ever get full grown in the series

Will Miroku ever find someone to bear his children

Will Sango ever admit she loves Miroku
Answer: yes in a future ep sango agrees to marry miroku

How come only Inuyasha and Kagome go through the well
Answer: Cause they are the only ones with shards kagome hers and the other shard hiden in inuyasha's eye

How come Miroku could ride a bike on second he got on one....i'd like to know his secret my bros learning how to ride and its a pain

On that note how does Kagome keep up wit her homework, fight, and keep all those stains outa her clothes

Will Kikyo ever die........again
Answer: yes she does naraku kills her and her body burns in this huge lake of miasma

When will Inuyasha freakin choose Kagome or Kikyo and admit it

Will shippo get a girl friend

How come Naraku doesn't just change from looking like Kagawaki to someone else you'd think it would make it a lil bit harder to find him

Will Myoga ever fuckin die!!!!!!!!!!! Man he gets annoying!

How old was Inuyasha's mom and dad

How did Kaeda lose her eye

Why does Shippou wear a bow

How did that relationship between Souta and that girl go

What happened to Shippou's dad's fur
Answer: it disappeared when shippou's dad's spirt did fox fire to protect him and kagome in the fight with the Thunder Brothers

Why does Inuyasha have yellow cat eyes if he's a dog demon

Could Inuyasha's dad make himself look human like Sessy or did he always stay a dog cause once u think about(gross i know)but how the hell did Inuyasha's parents do their thing in the first place if Inuyasha's dad didnt change we all know how big the guy was....................This qestion has been answered i watched the inuyasha 4 Sword of world conquest movie and yes his dad did change bak and forth and he was very hot i may add.