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Bad Guy Files

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age: around 17 i think
born: unknown
family: Kanna(sister)
weapons and attacks: Dance of the Dragon, Her Fan, blades of wind, a feather she uses to escape, and pure wind
about: Kagura is a wind sorcerec and uses the power of the wind to defeat her enemies. She died at one point but was brought bak to life of Narak. Naraku holds her heart so that she has to listen or Naraku will crush it and kill her.


Age:over 100
Weapons:energy whip, poison claws, dog form, and tensaga
Born:? who knows god knows i don't
Sesshomaru is Inuyasha's older step bro they share the same dad but not mom. They've hated each other sence shildhood. Sesshomaru is always tryin to steal tetsiaga from Inuyasha cause it can kill, but his only save souls and lives. He once used it on a human girl Rin who showed him compassin and kindness so he saved her and shes followed him ever sence.


Born:of Naraku
Age: Unknown
Weapons: Mirror
Story: Kanna is an albino child born of Naraku she is the sister of Kagura, the wind sorceress.


Weapons and attacks:Miasma,incarnations,Hell wasps
Born:In the cave of onigumo
Naraku is a shape shifter and had made inuyasha and kikyo betray each other, dispisses inuyahsa. He's made severl incarnations from his body.Kagura, Kanna, Goshiki, Jaromaru, Kagaromaro, and onigumo. He is constintly trin to get his hands on the sacred jewel. The man is evil and plays with people's feelings he even holds control over Sango's little bro named Kohaku.


Age: 15
Born: Kaeda's Village
Weapons and attacks: Sacred arrow
Kikyo was at one time Inuyasha's girl friend and Inuyasha. She was a preistest and had to protect the sacred jewel, Inuyasha was going to use it to become a human so they could be together but Naraku tore them apart and killed Kikyo. After Inuyasha and Kagome had met, a witch, Uraesua, took Kikyo's ashes and grave soil to bring bak Kikyo with a body of clay, but she had no soul and so had to kidnap Kagome to get Kikyo's soul. Kikyo ended up killing Uraesua and now wonders the earth as the undead. Wether her love for Inuyasha still exists is hard to say.
P.S I'm not putting her on her because i think shes bad only cause kikyo lovers, only because most people find her bad and i don't want to start a clash of the kikyo war........but personally i dont know if she good or bad so..there